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Features Overview

Everyone in your operations team, from Purchasing, Production, Warehouse to Sales can use Marikaka independently from their own workstation because they only need to access Marikaka from the web browser. This gives greater control for the Head Office in managing business and monitor all locations.

End to End Operations

Complete Inventory Management

Advanced Bill of Material

Automated COGS & FIFO

POS Included

Marikaka can serve the following businesses

Benefits of Marikaka

Full Visibility of Your Business

Marikaka can give you answers about your Production, Complete Inventory and Sales so you can make more precise business decision faster.

What’s going on in Production? How are my sales? Are there enough stocks of materials to make the best selling items? When was my last spending?

These are information that you need to make more precise business decision.

Maximize Profit & Control Cost

Automated COGS and FIFO calculation allows you to set the best profit margin for your items.

When the cost of raw materials and manufacturing are rising, how low can you sell your product for without losing money?

You need to ensure that you can maximize your profit.

With Marikaka’s automated COGS, FIFO and dynamic gross profit – selling price calculator, business owners can see the best selling price for each product.

Tech Support & Consultation

We provide thorough consultation at our training to ensure your team’s smooth transition in using Marikaka.

With our annual subscription plan, we can guarantee you to have the best IT partner for your business.

Our Marikaka Support team is ready to help you from Monday to Sunday via Whatsapp, phone, or email.

Case Studies


Retail Shops - Fashion, Healthy Food, Cosmetics & Bodycare

Stores who make their own products benefit the most from Marikaka as management can control everything end-to-end. Brands With Multiple Stockists (Consignment), Offline Stores, and Sales Agents can easily control everything from the Head Office. A Sales Agent can be assigned a specific username so that they can manage their own sales and stocks. They can immediately see how their business is doing.


Online Brands

There are many brands who sell online through their own e-stores, social media or chat messengers. They use Marikaka to keep track of their purchase of materials, material usage for each product for production, petty cash of the company, and, of course, to help their sales associates process sales orders. So, even though these business owners don't have their own brick-and-mortar stores, they can overview the operations of their business easily.


F&B – Cafe, Foodtrucks, Frozen Food, Cookies

One of the most beneficial features of Marikaka for businesses in F&B is the option to have automated cut of material stock whenever the food is ordered or made. That way there's a greater control in material usage and purchasing. For cafes or restaurants with outlets, purchasing can be controlled at the Head Office or each outlet can be responsible of their own purchasing.


Cleaning Service Company And Construction

For a cleaning company that handles dozens of project sites, it is important for them to track all of the expenses at each project in Marikaka Purchasing. The movement of their inventory can also be recorded with Marikaka’s Transfer & Receive features, as well as the automated subtraction of materials in the inventory when used. With Marikaka, the management can also monitor the petty cash at each project for a tighter finance control.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose “Marikaka” to support my business?

Marikaka is the pain killer for your business operational headaches. While it’s natural to want to continue to increase your sales, but it’s also crucial to have a reliable and scalable system like Marikaka to streamline your operations in order to support your sales efforts. With Marikaka, you don't only get a Point-of-Sale but also a complete system that can help manage operations of your F&B, retail and manufacturing business.

2. What hardware do I need for Marikaka?

It depends on your needs. You can easily use Marikaka on any computers with a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Safari) connected to the internet and a regular inkjet printer. Or you can go fancy with the cash drawer, receipt printer (Epson or Bixolon receipt printer) and barcode scanner. Please note, currently we recommend the use of iPad 4 or iPad mini 2 for compatibility with iOS10 and up. However, iMarikaka still supports iOS9 on iPad 2 or iPad mini 1. Chat with us or ask us at [email protected] for detailed spec requirements.
Different combinations of MARIKAKA hardware setup:

  • Laptop
  • Laptop + inkjet printer
  • Laptop + receipt printer
  • At home/office/workshop: Laptop + inkjet printer
  • At outlet: iPad + receipt printer + Router + Barcode Scanner + Cash Drawer
  • At outlet: iPad + 2 or more receipt printers (cashier + kitchen) + Router
  • At outlet: 2 iPads + 2 receipt printers + 1 or more kitchen printers + Router

3. Is Marikaka secure? What about our company's confidential data? Is Marikaka going to sell user’s data to third party?

Marikaka is designed with user's data security and privacy in mind. We believe that every customer has the right to their business privacy. It is our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your data, because we don't like it either when our data is shared and/or sold to a third party.

4. Can I ring in sales when offline?

At the moment, only our iPad POS app, iMarikaka that can be accessed both when online and offline. Even though it's offline, iMarikaka can still record Sales and subtract the Inventory accordingly (NO minus stock!). As soon as the iPad is connected to the internet again, all sales and other data will be synchronized with the Web. For MARIKAKA on the Web, you need to have continuous internet connection in order to access the web app.

5. Why should I subscribe to Marikaka?

This is actually one of the best things about Marikaka. Since it's subscription-based, store owners of all types have the freedom to focus on their products and business development instead of worry about the IT part of their business. Users will also get routine free application updates & IT Support, unlike if you buy a POS software or other retail softwares. Besides, we want to provide a system that is as good as SAP at a more affordable pricing for small business owners.

6. Is there a contract?

There's a minimum 1-year contract. Please contact Marikaka Support at [email protected] or call us at +62-822-9937-1317 (Whatsapp available) for detailed information.

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About Us

Marikaka was developed by 4 co- founders with combined experience in IT, retail and F&B in USA, Canada and Indonesia. Our team has worked together since 2007 and in 2014 we decided to focus on retail and manufacturing. Marikaka was released in 2015 with only basic POS (cashier app) features, but now it has evolved into an integrated operations management system.

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